Saturday, December 6, 2008

Super-Sets KnowHow

A superset is performing two exercises simultaneously without a rest in between. For example, in a bicep workout superset you could do a set of standing bicep curls followed by a set of dumbell curls. The superset can be used for any body part. With a superset you can work the same muscle twice or work opposing muscles.

Why do a superset? There are two reasons for the superset. The opposing muscle superset is designed to save time in your workouts. The same muscle superset is designed to hit your target muscle extra hard to stimulate more growth. I like to use a big superset at the beginning of my bicep workouts.

Let's take a closer look at the two types or superset and how you can use a superset in your workouts. This is a bicep website, so I'll focus on using a superset in your bicep workout. OK, let's look at the types of superset...

Same muscle superset

The same muscle superset is a superset technique designed to really hit the target muscle group and stimulate muscle growth. My favorite bicep superset is the standing bicep curl/incline bench dumbell curl. On the first exercise of my superset I will punch out 10 reps, and on the follow up exercise I'll do 6-8. This superset technique really hits your bicep muscles! You'll feel it right away, and the next day! Our bicep workout routines use superset exercises. Try a superset at the beginning of your next bicep workout!

Opposing muscle superset

The opposing muscle superset is a great timesaver. Because you are working opposing muscles, using a superset this way will not rob you of muscle growth for not resting your muscles. Some examples of an opposing muscle superset are bench press/cable row, bicep curl/tricep extension and hamstring curl and quad extension.

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