Tuesday, December 9, 2008

TOP 25 Sexy Celebrity - 18.Jamie Foxx


Jamie Foxx has followed in the footsteps of Will Smith and become a star of film, television and the world of music. And he's not bad looking either.

Overall Rating

Jamie Foxx is one of the hottest properties in the world of entertainment. He has the talent to back up his hunky good looks with a best actor Oscar already sitting proudly on his mantelpiece. But as well as acting, he is an accomplished comedian and musician. The world is very much at his feet.

His Sexiest Moments

1. Looking great in uniform as the character Lt. Henry Purcell in the movie Stealth (2005).

2. Showing off his athletic body as American football player Willie Beamen in the movie Any Given Sunday (1999).

3. Redefining the term 'sharp dressed man' as Detective Ricardo Tubbs in Miami Vice.

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