Tuesday, December 9, 2008

TOP 25 Sexy Celebrity - 2.George Looney


George Clooney is the Hollywood superstar who shot to fame in the television series ER before making successful movies such as Oceans's Eleven (2001).

Overall Rating

Mr Smooth is just about as sexy as a man can get. He seemingly effortlessly manages to seduce and charm everyone who lays eyes on him. Imagine if Jack Nicholson was ten times better looking - what do you have? Yes, you guessed it - Gorgeous George.

His Sexiest Moments

1. As tuxedo wearing Danny Ocean in Ocean's Eleven (2001). He arguably looked even hotter than co-star Brad Pitt.

2. Sharing explosive on screen chemistry with Jennifer Lopez in the movie Out of Sight (1998). Incredibly there were no rumours of the actors continuing their fun after the cameras stopped rolling.

3. Every time he was on the screen as Dr. Doug Ross in the hospital drama series ER. There has never been a sexier doctor in the history of film and television

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