Sunday, November 9, 2008

Aamir Khan "Ghajini" Workout

The buzz everywhere is about the Aamir Khan’s 6 pack abs and fighter like physique he has built for his forthcoming movie ‘Ghajini’. I read in an article how he worked hard in order look like this. I have mentioned some of the excerpts in this post.

It took Aamir Khan almost a year from March 15, 2007 to April 21, 2008 with three hours of workout every day to build that lean yet muscular physique.Aamir Khan is so intent on acquiring a chiselled set of six-pack abs that he has taken personal instructor Satyajit Desai with him to Namibia (Africa)


Mondays -


Bench Press
Chest Dumbell Press
Dumbell Flye
Incline Bench Press

Seated Cable Row

Tuesdays -


Barbell Curls
Dumbell Curls(21)
Preacher Curls
Concentration Curls
ShortGrip Triceps Press
Lying Extension
Rope Pulldown

Wednesdays -


Military Press
Front Shoulder Press
Seated Dumbell Press
Shoulder Press
Bent OverLateral Raise
Upright Row

Leg Press

Weighted crunches

TIP:Drink Lemon Water while workout.

Apart from this he was also doing half-hour to an hour cardio and abs everyday. As for abs I read he used to do 1,000 crunches everyday. Aamir Khan always managed to get eight hours of sleep. No matter what time he went to sleep, he did get eight hours of sleep every day which I think is really important because proper sleep gives enough rest to the muscles and helps in muscle growth and you will not get tired easily while workouts.

Aamir Khan credits his physique to diet as well. He had a balanced diet that included one-third fat, one-third carbs, one-third protein, and normal food like rotis, rice, sabzis, chicken and all cooked in 3 spoons of oil. Apart from this he used to have 16 egg whites, fruits, and four lts. of water every day. There was no sugar, no potatoes, no bananas, no red meat, no egg yolks and no fried stuff.

So building good physique revolves around Exercise, Sleep and Diet. All these 3 are inter-related. If you don’t sleep well you will not have enough strength for exercise and if you eat junk food without having healthy diet you develop fat in your body. So the right combination of all the 3 is important.

Aamir Khan’s diet:

* Daily intake is broken down into six small meals every two hours
* A small carb meal (banana, apple) before exercises that helps build energy. Avoid dairy products but can have buttermilk.
* Food cooked only in 3 tbs of olive oil or saffola
* Plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits
* Rotis made of three-grain wheat (bajra, jowar and atta)
* Snacks include biscuits, brown bread sandwiches, papaya (through the day)
* No carbs after 8 pm, but soups or juices are allowed
* One or two pieces of tandoori chicken for dinner or four egg whites. Can alternate that with vegetable soup, and bhurji with salads or omlette (of egg whites only)

I know with the kind of life style people have these days it is difficult to follow the above diet, exercise routine and do 3 hours of exercise. But what I know for sure is even if we are doing half what Aamir Khan did we would be in a decent shape, healthy and good looking.


CrazyRDX said...

you say he avoided bananas, and then you say that a small pre workout meal of a banana is ok...which one???

Karan said...

Not to mention aamir khan also has access to all the prohormones because a physique like that for anyone unless if you have muscle friendly genes [sorry aamir you dont fit that cuz look how unfit you are in other movies] can you go from that to ghajini status in just a year. Sorry aamir i'm convinced of steroids :)

Ravishekhar Ganiger said...

their profession demands it.. they have all the luxury in the world to have whatever they wish... after all if body building would pay crores together then any tom dick n harry would give a try... but i must appreciate his efforts to get into a character which no other actor can do...

Himanshu said...

Let me try something similar for 6 months and see the results. Then I will be able to comment properly :)

sharzz said...

very helpfull thxx this sitee roxxxxxxx

Sandeep Gautam said...

Pure BS!!
Thats is in no way the routine he followed, since there's no cardio?? lol WTH?
and also in his back exercises one is missing, a lat pulldown!!! on a special machine you could totally see him doing in his training video...neither is dead-lift??! and the ab work? lol this is some bullshit crap workout copied from some random, and may i say, unbalanced, routine. You follow this, you'll get nowhere for sure!

To whoever has written this bullcrap- Please dont spread anymore shit than there already is when it comes to workout routines.

jake said...

dinhey aamirr i also a professional body builderr 3 tymes i won world level bodybuildin championship....
if u take diet like thisss its a bullshitt u only taking proteinss u avoid fatss n carbs so how u make ur body wid proteinss...
im sure u taking testosterone anabolic steroidsss n decaduralin steroidss for bulky body ...
no one have cuts like u if he not use steroidssss......

jake said...

all exercise not genuine all parts have 6 to 8 exercise u only doo n ur lat pull down missingg ur dead lift mising decline bench press mising dumble fly missingg ur trainer idiott if im ur trainerr u have gud bdy more than ghajini body sharp cutsss n ssexy backk n awesome chest cutss.....
but hats off to u aamir ur effortss very cool in 45 years u make gud body...for ur film ghajini ur awesome mann but i dnt belive u not taking anabolic n stazolol steroidss......!

soham bhattacharya said...

How many of you even hit the gym? You guys dont even no . Thses perform man......u also have to take pre....during .....and post work out shakes.....and thats not steroid.....protein....creatine and some can take mass gainer......check bodybuilding. Com site......then try it and then comment

Rafi Maqbool said...

Use of steroids n other supplements is not essential for cutting and for perfect body shape out proper diet and sleep as mentioned r important ...but for those who r professional body builders n who r looking to be in body building competition supplements may be taken but without cosultation of a doctor it may be dangerous

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