Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cable Abs

Adding resistance to an exercise recruits your core, strengthening your torso, hips, and shoulders. Hooking the cable row to a lateral pillar bridge, as shown above, "feels as if someone's pushing you forward and backward," says Anthony Slater, CSCS, head performance coach for Core Performance Centre, Santa Monica, California. The result: A boost of strength throughout, leading to chiselled abs.

The benefit
You'll build a more stable midsection, so you perform better in sports. Before this, you should be able to hold a lateral bridge for 30 seconds. (So don't skip your back workout.)

How to do it
• Attach a handle to the pulley cable. Grab it with your right hand. Lie on your left side slightly farther than arm's length from the weight to keep tension on the cable.
• With your forearm under your shoulder and feet stacked, push your hip off the floor, creating a straight line from ankle to shoulder. Draw the handle to your ribs. Keep your hips pushed up and forward and squeeze your shoulder blades.

• Slowly straighten your arm out in front of you. Perform 8 to 10 reps. Stop before your hips sag or your trunk rotates. Switch sides and repeat.

Our expert's tips

To stay aligned, keep your abs braced. The resistance helps you learn how to engage your pillar properly. Once comfortable with the movement, increase your speed. The faster you move your arm, the more torque you create for your torso muscles to resist, meaning better rotational stability.

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