Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Scorpion stretch

Vesna Pericevic Jacob gives you the scorpion stretch-which is as deadly as it sounds, but when done properly will give you amazing results. The focus of the stretch is to work on and promote the hip flexor, quadriceps, as well as back extensor flexibility. This stretch can also be done as a part of your daily warmup, in which case you should attempt it at the beginning of your workout.

Step 1 Lie face down on the floor. Stretch out your arms, palms facing down on the floor to create a straight line with the shoulders. Inhale, and while exhaling, raise your left leg and bring the heel all the way to the opposite side of the lower back. You should feel the stretch in your lower back as well as in your thighs. Make sure you don't overstrain or injure yourself.

Step 2
Hold the same leg around the ankle with your left hand and pull the heel towards your gluteus muscles. This way, you will get additional stretch in your quadriceps (thighs). Keep your foot flexed.

Step 3 Bring the leg back to starting position and repeat the move with your right leg. The movement should be done 1 to 3 times on each side.

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