Sunday, November 9, 2008

Top 5 Physiques

These are my top ten picks for the best male physiques that are not necessarily freaky bodybuilders. These men were chosen for aesthetic beauty and achievability. Basically, when I look at them I can say two things"I wanna look like that" and "I CAN look like that".
These guys are a bit taller (at least 5'11" or so), more muscular than most men and male models, are close to my age (not some young baby hopped up on steroids), and do not appear to be genetically freaky (meaning it looks like they earned what they're sporting). They also have very balanced physiques; all these guys have nice legs as well as upper bodies (and, of course, abs). And they are consistently in shape and look good in every photo taken at any moment. Oh yeah, I've also met most of these guys in person and was impressed by how nice they were - good manners always help a person look better!

Zac Titus

Jason Pelletier

Ben Bradley

Greg Plitt

Bryan Thomas

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