Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Max Contraction Training

The breakthrough new fitness program for readers who want big gains in little time

"I had one little miniworkout. I couldn't believe how short the workout was, and how good I felt afterward. . . . This technique is going to change your life." --Tony Robbins, author of Awaken the Giant Within

This is the ultimate high-intensity training system that is revolutionizing bodybuilding. John Little reveals how you can reach your full bodybuilding potential in the shortest time possible. Imagine a 10-second workout (you read that right!) performed but once a week that can stimulate up to 30 pounds of muscle growth! The Max Contraction System reveals why you do not need to spend hours a day and multiple days per week in the gym to build a muscular body. Inside the pages of this incredible, new and revolutionary book you will learn:

* The groundbreaking technique (fully supported by science) that MAXimizes muscle fiber stimulation and that has proven to be FOUR TIMES more efficient than conventional training!
* How MAXimum Muscle Growth is REALLY stimulated!
* How to structure your workouts year-round for continuous gains!
* How to double your strength!
* Why you don’t need repetitions!
* Why you don’t need supplements!
* Why you don’t need sets!
* Why a workout lasting under one minute – MAXimum – of actual training time (and can take as little as 10 seconds) will stimulate far greater muscle growth than workouts lasting hours!
* The best specialization routines and exercises to pack inches of muscle on your arms, chest, back, shoulders and legs and how to chisel your abdominal muscles in the shortest time possible!

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